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By Motivational Speaker and Corporate Professional:
                     Suzy Maduro


Come Design, Build and Master your Public Image into Success

When you as a Startup want to build your public image, it is vital to have a understanding on how to position your brand.

Public image impacts the general public and their response to it.


In this seminar/workshop you will be able to think about your desired public image, design, create or recreate your image.

In this session you will be able to fill in the content of your desired image, analyze the realistic view of it, and learn how to go about maintaining your reputation and it is all about improving your brand’s image inside as well outside of your organization.

Your Image inside the organization determines how your employees work.

Outside the organization, your company image may determine the amount of investment you can generate for your company and how much customers are willing to spend on your products and services.


To deliver on a brand image, you must measure the financial figures, the levels of engagement and monitor expectations with realistic goals. Register for this seminar and acquire a tips to build your brand image successfully.

Facilitated by:

Motivational Speaker and Corporate Professional:
Suzy Maduro.


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Thanks for your interest in: "Improve your Self-Image & Excel."

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